CAMP HEALTH FORM Click here for the camp health form. The form must be printed out and mailed to: Florida Southern Women's Basketball, c/o Florida Southern College, 111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive, Lakeland, FL 33801-5698 or brought with you to the first day of camp.

CAMP WAIVER Click here for the camp waiver form. The form can be filled out and signed online and will be automatically emailed to the coaching staff when completed.

No. Coaches only have to pay if they are staying on campus. Each Head Coach will receive a food voucher for a team of 8 players who purchase meal plans in advance. Female coaches who stay in the dorms will only have to pay $20.00 for the whole weekend.
We strongly discourage late arrivals and early departures as this disrupts the camp schedule. (Special requests need to be in writing, in advance of camp start and will be handled on a case-by case basis.)
Yes. Family and friends are welcomed during the tournament at no additional cost.
Friends can visit in the dorm lobby until curfew.
The camps fill up quickly; therefore, we recommend that you register as quickly as possible. The most important part of the registration process is the application with a parent/guardian’s signature and the $100.00 deposit. You may send the health form later or bring it with you to the first day of camp.
No individuals are allowed in Team Camp. All other camps are individual camps.
Pillow, twin sheets, blanket, towels, toiletry items, alarm clock, socks, basketball shoes, pajamas, underclothes, shorts and t-shirts, no coolers allowed in the dorms, additional money for snacks.
Q. Do I need to bring my lunch for Elite Camp?
A. No. Overnight campers will be provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. Commuters will be provided lunch and dinner.

Q. Will meals be provided for team camp?
A. The Cafeteria will be open as well as numerous restaurants surrounding the campus.

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